The Easiest Way To Increase Re-sale Value!

Keep The Pre Sale Renovations Simple!

money in reno'sAs a profesional contractor I can’t count the amount of times I have be asked the question ” which renovation project is most likely to increase the re-sale value of my home?”. Unfortunately there really is no straight answer as there are so many variables; however there is certainly a trend with some of the projects with the highest ROI ( return on investment). In this article I’ll be going over a few of the easiest way to increase the re-sale value of your home prior to selling, I’ll also throw out some tips to get these done as easily as possible.



Is it a new bathroom? Paint or a new roof perhaps?

digiorgi_infographicYes actually, all of those fall under the best ways to get your money back from a reno, and then some! Most people already can guess the answer, they just dont know where to start or prioritize.

If you do your research on the top ten projects to increase your homes market value there are certainly som common trends.


My Favorite project for resale ROI: Painting

looking at the lists that are kicking around, it just makes sense. Short of gutting the home or living without a kitchen or bathrooms for ages its the highest re occuring project thats going to payback! It’s also quite easy to do.

Although hiring a painting contractor is fairly expensive, it clearly pays off, now.. If you are a bit handy and like DIY projects, its also something you can quite easily do yourself to skyrocket your return on the project.

Here are some of my top tips on how to quickly and cost effectively paint your whole home.

DIY Painting Tips:

Painting can be easy as long as you have the right tools: you will need plastic sheets to cover furniture ( old sheets work as well), painters tape, a good brush, canvas re-usable dropsheets, roller handle and tray and assorted sundries ( your local paint store can help you choose the right ones for the job). If you are looking to paint any cabinets, exterior stucco, rough surfaces or very large areas I would also highly, highly suggest getting an electric paint sprayer. They typically cost a few hundred dollars but its worth it in terms of time saved and finished look. Investing in a good quality airless paint sprayer will pay for itself! You can usually find them on sale HERE.

I’m not going to get into the details of how exactly to use of of these as they are usually pretty simple, just take a look at this Youtube video to get the basic idea!

Exterior First!

Paint-Colors-Exterior-DoorsCurb appeal is half of the sale when purchasing a new home, if it looks sharp on the outside people will automatically feel like the home has been well taken care of and that it will be an easy move in for them. Use a nice neutral color scheme; Greys are very popular and modernize an old home. No need to go crazy on quality of product if you are looking to sell right away, but dont skimp either or will will just be screwing yourself over having to do extra coats for coverage, choose a good mid line product. Prep it well! its just the right thing to do so as to not screw over the new home owners, also if someone knows what to look for ( like myself) and sees signs of improper prep, it leads to questions along the lines of….. WHAT ELSE WAS HALF ASSED AROUND THE HOUSE? Other then that your paint store will have alot of info on specifics in terms of products and proper preparation!

Interior Up Next!

paintsprayer1With the exterior of your home freshened up it’s now time to smarten up the interior. Patch those holes, dents and scratches, caulk window and door trim, baseboards and crown moulding. If you did invest in a handheld paint sprayer you will find doors, railings and cupboards fall off the to do list very quickly; JUST MAKE SURE TO DUST THEM OFF THOROUGHLY and vacumn out the inside of the cupboards, cordless handheld vacuum cleaners work great for tight areas like that.

Sand and Prime patches you made, clean up dust right away to avoidmhaving it float around and sticking to new paint. Now its time to apply the finish coats! Paint the ceilings first ( for obvious, drippy reasons)… another area where a power painter will come in handy especially for those popcorn type ceilings, just make sure you cover eeeeeverything before starting! Once the ceilings are done it’s onto the trim 2nd, and then finally the walls.

Painting the walls:

Tip one, dont paint like this —>no paint sprayer

You will be there all day and it will look terrible. Instead you want to put your roller on an extension pole or broom handle to both save your walls AND your back. Lay out dropsheets along the entire wall so you dont need to stop, start down at one corner, NOT the middle of the wall. Start from the bottom and roll all the way up to the top at a slight angle then back down to the bottom, and do it once more before going straight up and down to fill in the gaps; this allows for a much smoother and even finish ( see below for proper technique).


Most colors will take 2 coats to cover unless it was the same as the previous color. Make sure you check the recoat time of the paint you are using to ensure it dries properly and then follow the same technique as the first coat!

All done, pack everything up, label the paint for the new owners or bring it to a recycling depot and get that sparkly new house sold!


Happy Renovating!


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